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Guest Post – On the Challenges of Writing an Adult Book from a Child’s Point of View by Sonia Korn-Grimani (Redux)

[This post originally presented itself on October 9, 2012. If you wonder why it’s reappeared, visit here.]

At the age of eight, little Sonia Korn is declared an enemy of the German State. She and her family are given a grim option; either find a way to disappear, or be rounded up and sent to certain death. After a perilous escape to the Belgian border, and becoming caught in the chaos and carnage of war-torn France and Belgium, Sonia finds that she must give up everything she knows and loves just to survive. This is the complex true story of one girl, who rises from war’s ashes to sing the songs of hope and love world-wide. A heart-wrenching and poignant memoir, by internationally renowned singer Sonia Korn-Grimani.

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Jill Elizabeth

Book Review: Visit Sunny Chernobyl (Again)

[This post originally presented itself on August 2, 2012. If you wonder why it’s currently in revival, visit here.]

Do I have a treat for you: a travelogue of a kind I can guarantee you haven’t experienced before and will not find published by Michelin or Fodor’s.  My review copy of Visit Sunny Chernobyl was provided courtesy of, which also hosted the original (shorter) post of this book review on July 1, 2012 (available here).
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Jill Elizabeth

Yes, ANOTHER Vacation…

So we are heading out of town again, with the littlest one in tow this time, for another mini-break. I liked the redux theme last time I left town, and decided to revive it – so there will be posts while we are gone, with as much regularity (if not more!) than when I’m actually resident at home. Enjoy!

Oh – and here are a few pictures to make you jealous – we’re heading to the beach… And yes, that last one is my favorite view of all! 🙂






Jill Elizabeth

Not-Quite-A-Review: The Clairvoyant Countess by Dorothy Gilman

As I’ve said before, I simply LOVE Dorothy Gilman. She has an absolutely lovely way with language and her characters are always so human yet somehow also just that little bit more – more conscientious, more thoughtful, more thought, more human – than the people one encounters in everyday life… Perhaps I’m a relic, but I love that her books are stories – not plot contrivances designed to deliver violence or sex. There are always pertinent and relevant life lessons tucked away inside her dialogue, but they’re delivered with such a deft hand and in such cheeky and also somehow casual ways that they never feel like lessons until you finish reading their sentences – then the simple truths they uncover just jump out at you. I miss the days when stories could be simple yet thoroughly complex through nothing more than the exigencies of human interaction. She manages to remind me of days gone by without waxing sentimental or getting maudlin. Madame Karitska, the protagonist of this lovely book (the first in a two-book series!) is a worthy successor to the incomparable Mrs. Pollifax, and if you haven’t yet met either, you simply must resolve that with all expediency…

Jill Elizabeth

Guest Post: Pancakes, with a Side of Social Responsibility…

pancakecover-2Today I’m pleased to bring you a guest post all about a marvelous new book – My Pancakes Taste Different Today! The book is a cute, clever way to introduce kids to the idea of ecology and the impact that our actions – however small they may seem – have on our lives and the world around us. Heather and Bruce Galpert are the authors of this delightful story, and I’m pleased to share some insights into their book and their writing.

What inspired the idea behind this book?
BRUCE: As a young father with two sons, I read a lot to my kids…I also spent most Sundays cooking pancakes with and for them–I ate quite a few myself! Trying to teach my kids life lessons, recycling and protecting the environment were also concepts that were important, but difficult to teach to young kids. I always felt that it was hard for children to grasp how their actions could impact the environment positively or negatively. The idea of My Pancakes Taste Different Today! came out of that quest.

How would you describe the character of Ethan? Continue reading Guest Post: Pancakes, with a Side of Social Responsibility…

Jill Elizabeth

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